Stephanie Love & Laughter promo

The Royal Ballet’s pas de deux with choreography by Frederick Ashton is making a special appearance in our Valentine’s Day performance.

By Cindy Case

Stephanie Love & Laughter promo

San Diego Ballet’s next performance, Dances of Love and Laughter, was made for Valentine’s Day. Javier Velasco’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream draws from the Shakespearean classic, which for historic audiences played much like our modern-day romantic comedies. Coupled with that dreamy treat will be a collection of dances that all show the many facets of love.

Among these dances is one that is extra special: “Voices of Spring,” with choreography by The Royal Ballet’s Frederick Ashton. This charming, dynamic pas de deux, drawn from the opera Die Fledermaus, was choreographed by Ashton in 1977. Our associate director, Robin Sherertz Morgan, chose it specially for our 30th anniversary season. Of “Voices of Spring,” Robin says:

Robin Sherterz Morgan

“Growing up as a little girl in ballet, my mom gave me a number of beautiful picture books of the Sadler Wells—later The Royal Ballet. I’d seen all their famous dancers and ballets in pictures way before I’d heard of American ones. Therefore, I always knew that Frederick Ashton was one of the greatest choreographers in the world. It’s been a long struggle (30 years) to keep the SD Ballet growing and we’ve met that challenge by being very conservative with our finances. However, as a special anniversary present to myself, my dancers and our audiences, I chose one of Frederick Ashton’s most beautiful, sweet and difficult pas de deuxs, “Voices of Spring” with music by Strauss.  I’m thrilled SD Ballet was given permission by The Royal Ballet Trust for our own dancers to perform a piece never before seen in San Diego.”

This is a momentous milestone for the company, we encourage all the members of our community to join us. Dances of Love and Laughter will head to the Lyceum Theatre Friday, February 14 through Sunday, February 16. Order your tickets now to help us celebrate love and 30 years of San Diego Ballet!