This year, there are more choreographers in Dance Gallery than ever before. Phoebe and Emily share the time and space that make up their works.

By Cindy Case

Every year, the dancers of San Diego Ballet look forward to Dance Gallery, a mixed-repertory production where they have the opportunity to choreograph on their fellow dancers. This year’s show has more choreographers than ever before, telling stories that range from descents into a fiery underworld to the joys of playing Super Mario.

Phoebe Perry

Phoebe Perry steps up to the challenge of choreographing during her very first season with the company. Her piece, “Particles,” draws a parallel between our lives and the tiny elements from which they are made. Phoebe explains that “in our own lives, things that look random and chaotic may actually be part of a bigger picture that we cannot see. On a molecular level, atoms and particles move in a similarly chaotic, disorganized manner. But if you take a step back, it becomes evident that all of these billions of seemingly unimportant specks come together to create a beautiful whole.”

Emily DeVito

While Phoebe’s piece deals with the atomic portion of physics, Emily DeVito explores the concept of time through the music of Max Richter. One dancer will portray the timestream of life as the other remembers her past, experiences her present, and looks forward to the hopes of her future. Emily says, “This piece of music brings up a lot of emotions in me and I have wanted to choreograph to it for a very long time. I am SO fortunate to be able to work with my dancers. Their passion is natural and will definitely match the music’s luscious strings.”

There are many more pieces where these came from! We’ll be performing Dance Gallery only once, on March 30. If you’d like to join us, visit the Dance Gallery page for tickets.