Choreography that evokes passion and sparks the soul. For two weekends, San Diego Ballet brings its unique brand of dance to Riverside County. First up… the exotic FIREBIRD and more!

March 25 – 2pm
March 26 – 7pm

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Director’s Notes

Firebird was one of the first pieces that I did for the company. I always enjoy revisiting it as it has such a strong energy and direction. The basis for the piece is a Russian folktale, but just like any other folktale the it seems to be easily understandable by all of our audiences. Heroes. Villains. Magical promises. Oh and lots of full out dancing. SDB’s version is a bit different than others, in that in (unapologetically) mixes hip hop dancers into the mix. There is nothing old-fashioned about the music for Firebird. Ancient, yes. Old-fashioned, no. I think that we have been doing the piece for about 20 years now. It has held up pretty well, if I say so myself.