Kara Covaleski was born in Westlake Village, CA and began her dance training at the age of three and spent fourteen years at California Dance Theatre under the direction of Kim Maselli. After high school, she moved to Ohio to be a trainee with Cincinnati Ballet and was then promoted to be a member of Cincinnati Ballet II the following year. While at Cincinnati Ballet, she has been grateful to perform in Septime Webre’s Peter Pan, Kirk Peterson’s Swan Lake, Victoria Morgan’s The Nutcracker to name a few and be casted in soloist roles in Pam Robinson’s Aladdin and as the lead in Pam Robinson’s Snow White as Snow White. Kara is super excited to begin her first season with San Diego Ballet and be back on stage! 

Who has influenced you the most to become the dancer you are today? 

My parents have definitely influenced me the most to become the dancer that I am today. They have given me the tools to navigate the dance world and to push myself to be better each day. Without my parents, I would not have the positive outlook and strong mindset I have needed to challenge myself to be the dancer and human I am today. 

What goes through your mind just before you perform? 

There is a lot that goes through my mind before I perform but I think I mostly feel great emotions of gratitude to be able to share what I love most with an audience! This helps me have the confidence to perform my best and leave it all out on the stage. 

What is the funniest episode/episodes you’ve experienced in your career? 

The funniest thing to happen to me on stage would have to be when I was performing in my studio’s end of the year recital when I was 10 years old. We were doing a jazz piece to the Cheetah Girls music and wearing rainbow and cheetah printed unitards with a neon skirt. I led me and my friend out of the wings 2 eight counts too early, I didn’t know what to do so we just freaked out and sprinted off. The audience got a kick out of it too. Since then, I always know to count my music!!

Who would I most like to share the stage with living or dead?

I have been very lucky to share the stage in the past with my favorite ballerina, Tiler Peck before so my next dream would be to share the stage with all of my amazing teachers and mentors who have helped me reach my dream of being a professional ballerina. I have learned everything I know from them and they have all had incredible careers. It would be a dream to share the stage and watch them dance. 

What do you like/admire about San Diego Ballet? 

I really admire the positive and welcoming energy of all the dancers in San Diego Ballet! The people definitely make it easier to wake up in the morning and be ready for a great day of dance and fun in the studios!