How long have you been dancing with SDB?

This will be my first season dancing with SDB, and I can’t wait to dance my heart out! I just graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in Human Biology, minor in communications, and minor in dance. I’m incredibly privileged and super excited to finally pursue my true passion, dance, with SDB.

When did you first start dancing? Where did you train?

I began dancing when I was about five years old, or as soon as I could hold myself up on my feet and sway to the beat. The majority of my training was at Los Gatos Ballet, under the instruction of Marcie Ryken, Kate Mashburn, Christina Bernal, and Crystal Petzel.

What other company, school, or program have you trained/performed with?

I have attended the summer programs of San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Ballet Austin, Oklahoma City Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and San Jose Ballet. Simultaneous to earning my USC degree, I danced as a USC Song Girl, in various campus clubs, and throughout Los Angeles.

What inspires/motivates you to dance?

Turn on any kind of music – classical, funk, country – and I won’t be able to stop grooving. I love that dance gives you the freedom to express yourself in so many ways, as well as allows you to set new goals every day, so I am never bored. But most of all, I enjoy performing, and in return seeing the sparkle of delight in the audience’s smiles and eyes.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I’m eager to experience life in a ballet company, and can’t wait to dance from 9:30am-3pm daily. I’m especially looking forward to to SDB’s mixed repertoire. I know this exposure to so many styles will challenge and develop the artist inside of me.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

As if I’m not on my feet enough, I’m known as, “Erika Dee The Busy Bee” or “Erika The Energizer Bunny”, because being still is truly a challenge. I never run out of energy, and will do anything to keep busy, even if it means organizing and cleaning.