Emily Banuet Fiol was born in San Diego and raised in Ensenada, Mexico where she first started her ballet training at the age of 3. She danced at Ballet Del Mar under Alfredo Blancarte and Nubia Gutierrez until moving to the states. Emily continued her dancing career while attending different studios until finding San Diego Ballet where she started attending classes at the age of 13 under the direction of Robin Sherertz- Morgan. Joining San Diego Ballet she began training in several styles including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and modern. She has trained at Cultureshock Dance Center where she has learned the styles of Hip-Hop, Burlesque, lyrical, and Jazz funk. Emily attended Steele Canyon High School, where she graduated with a focus in Dance under Joany Gerner and Nicole Reich. 

Who influenced you most to become the dancer you are today?

  • Every teacher I’ve had since I was little has influenced me to be the dancer I am today. It’s hard to choose between them when I’ve learned several valuable lessons and different techniques that i still use today to help me improve on a daily basis. 

What was the funniest episode(s) you’ve experienced in your career?

  • I want to say the funniest episode in a series of many events, was when it was my first year dancing with San Diego Ballet in the Nutcracker as a Garland Girl. It was the during the production and I went to run around my partner when I slipped on fake snow. I ended up tripping on my dress as I was trying to get up which resulted in a giant bruise on my thigh!! It is probably the funniest moment I have experienced. 

Who would you most like to share the stage with (living or dead)?

  • There are many dancers I met who I loved sharing the stage with however I would’ve  love to dance with any prima ballerina who has influenced this work of art throughout history. 

What goes through your mind just before you perform?

  • As I am preparing myself to perform, I remind myself to breathe and enjoy every minute I get on stage. I like to let the music speak to me so that I don’t become so nervous, which eventually begins to feel like it’s just me and the music in sync with one another. 

What do you like/admire most about San Diego Ballet?

  • What I admire most about San Diego Ballet is how unique each piece of choreography can be. As a dancer, it’s really beneficial to be able to expand my technique and learn different ways to express myself while dancing.