1. Clients, students, and staff should only be at the studios if feeling completely well and have no symptoms of illness.
  2. The entry doors to Dance Place on Dewey Rd and Truxtun Rd will be propped open to minimize the spread of the disease. Likewise, as much as possible, studio doors will be propped open, ideally by the instructor, and then closed once, ideally by the instructor.
  3. The entrance that leads out to The Lot and the entrance at the “back” of Dance Place will be closed to the general public.
  4. All students will have their temperature taken by “no touch” thermometers at entry to classrooms. Temperatures should be no greater than 100 degrees.
  5. Other Covid-19 symptoms: Sore throat, cough, congestion, headache, muscle and joint pain, chills, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, loss of smell, pink eye.
    (1) Anyone who develops symptoms should leave immediately, seek care from their physician and isolate.
    (2) All students should fill out a health questionnaire answering to evidence of the above symptoms before each class.
  6. Masks must be worn in all common areas.
  7. Hand sanitizers will be available and restocked at all entrances and outside all bathrooms.
    (1) Individual studios will also have sanitizing stations. Bleach solutions or alcohol solutions with at least 70% isopropyl or 60% ethanol will be used.
  8. Socially distanced spaces of at least 6 feet will be clearly marked in studios – at the barres, and on the floor.
  9. No activities that require direct or indirect contact, including partnering, tactile cueing, direct floor work, or touching the same equipment, should occur.
  10. People are not allowed to congregate in the hallways, meaning parents should drop children off and leave the building, returning at the appropriate time only to pick up their children.
  11. Students and dancers should not warm-up in the hallway areas.
  12. According to CDC guidelines, classes will be kept to a total of no more than 11 individuals. That means 1 coach (teacher) and 10 students. That number is REGARDLESS of the size of the room.
  13. There will be no shared use of mats for Pilates or Yoga classes. Students should bring their own from home.
  14. Classes within organizations should be held on a staggered schedule. This will allow for one group to vacate the room AND the building, before the 2nd group enters the building and goes directly to the studio. Under no circumstances should classes be scheduled in such a way that a student would need to wait in the hallway.
  15. Common areas must be cleaned and disinfected on an accelerated
    schedule. A log will be posted on the wall, that the cleaner would sign-off on. Each common use area would need a log.
  16. Do not use the elevators if not necessary, if needed, a cap of two people is enforced.
  17. For flow, one staircase is designated as UP and the other as DOWN.
  18. The vending machines will not be stocked with snacks until the pandemic is over.
  19. The locker rooms will be closed until the pandemic is over.
    (1) Dancers are encouraged to come “dressed” in their dance clothes or a cover-up. They should take their dance bags into the studio. There will be an assigned space for the dance bags. After class, when the dancers leave, that one area will be disinfected.
  20. The Green Room will be closed until the crisis is over. If the Green Room is allowed to be opened, specific distanced seating areas need to be identified and the room needs to be disinfected on a regular accelerated schedule.
  21. The use of the drinking fountains is discouraged.
  22. While each group is responsible for cleaning within their own spaces, they will also offer and encourage students to disinfect other surfaces after they use them.
  23. As coronavirus can be tracked in on shoes, extreme care will be taken if students sit or lie on the floor. The floor will be disinfected from the class before. Additionally, a “no street shoe” policy will be enforced, and students will put their dance shoes on in the studio, with street shoes left in a designated area in the hall.
  24. All tenants and rentals groups will abide by this plan.