Meet a Dancer One San Diego Ballet company dancer teaching artist goes to one school classroom for a 30-minute ballet demonstration and Q&A. $60 each classroom

Interactive In-School Assembly with Professional Performance San Diego Ballet travels to schools to provide programming on-site during the school day. The 1-hour assembly includes half interactive ballet/dance workshop with the students and ends with a quality professional level ballet performance. $650 each assembly

In-School Residency During School Hours or After School San Diego Ballet teaching artists provides 7 months of weekly classes during the school year that culminates with a presentation of quality professional level ballet including a student showcase. $5,000 each residency

Field Trip to See Professional Ballet Show San Diego Ballet offers student matinee shows for all productions. Field trips to see shows give students the opportunity to have a theater experience and for some this is usually their first exposure. All field trips include a Q&A session with the Director and the Company Dancers. $6 per student, $250 per bus / 2 classrooms at 30 each + 1 bus = $610

Film Project in Collaboration with KPBS San Diego Ballet partners with local film-maker to create a dance film, shot on location, in five different boroughs in San Diego County. Each location incorporates the local cultural assets and presents dance directly in the community. $1,750 partially underwrites a specific borough

The assembly was fabulous!! It was the best outreach program that has ever been presented to the kindergartners.  The kids were thoroughly engaged and in awe the entire time. For the remainder of the day the kids could not stop talking about it.  They were twirling and leaping on the grass at recess.  Perhaps a future ballet dancer has been inspired to pursue the art. I hope my school can make this a yearly tradition for the kinders!

Rose Plute, Fuerte Elementary School

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Zoe Marinello-Kohn

Education Outreach Coordinator

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