Recommended Classes for each level are determined once a year. If the student is not taking enough classes to continue advancing with their level they may be asked to take an adult or lower level class. Private Classes and coaching are not recommended for students under 13 years old and should in no way conflict with regular classes.


PRE-BALLET: Children learn creative dance movements incorporated with music and rhythm awareness. Helps develop muscle coordination, flexibility and good posture. Imagination, fun and good social skills are all part of the child’s self-appreciation.

INTRODUCTORY: An extension of Pre-Ballet but more structured with the learning of the basic ballet positions, steps and body alignment.

BALLET TECHNIQUE: Training in the basic fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Develops placement, strength, control, concentration and self-discipline. As students advance combinations become more complex and steps must be executed with precision.

POINTE: Each student must be individually evaluated as when it is time to wear pointe shoes. The feet, ankles, turnout, back and abdominal muscles must be strong enough to stand on pointe correctly without the risk of injury to the students. As the students advance they may also take designated ballet technique classes on pointe.

VARIATIONS: The study of classical and contemporary solo variations from famous ballets. Students gain an appreciation of the technical difficulty of the solos as well as an opportunity to express their individual style and artistic ability.

PAS DE DEUX: (Dance of Two) Timing, balance, holding and lifting are all a part of learning the art of partnering. Classical pas de deux variations are also studied.

PILATES / CONDITIONING: A class designed for dancers to achieve greater flexibility, body conditioning, stronger abdominal and back muscles which improve placement and body control.

BOYS CLASS: A class geared at encouraging boys to participate in a non intimidating environment to learn the basics of ballet technique with focus on the athleticism and strength needed to be a dancer.