Getting Ready for the Season

Hello and welcome to San Diego Ballet’s 2016-2017 Season! My name is Noriko Zaragoza and I am a long time company dancer with San Diego Ballet as well as a ballet teacher with the San Diego School of Ballet. I will be writing a series of blog posts this season and am very excited about reaching out to all of you.

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5 Top Tips to “Werk” While You Work

1. Find an employer who will work with you and flexibility in your schedule! It is essential to have someone on your side who understands the artistic condition and will not only keep up with your constantly changing hours by allowing you to split shifts or leave early to get to rehearsal, but will encourage you to keep your dream alive. That’s the boss you want.

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4 Big Benefits from Taking a Break

And the value of the vole!

I was casually translating a petite allegro combination last week when I froze, utterly failing to remember the meaning of volé! (voh-LAY, as in brisé vole.) I’m a BIG nerd when it comes to ballet because I trained in the Cecchetti Method, an incredibly academic style of ballet known for its insane attention to detail. It was like an eight-year-long class of ballet as history, physics, and foreign language so, while far from fluent in French, our vocabulary rocks because we learned the literal translation for every single step. So you can see why drawing a blank on volé might bother a supernerd so much! I froze again a couple days later, this time possessed by the ballet gods/demons to belatedly define, loudly, and to no one in particular in a very quiet office, “VOLÉ: FLYING. FROM VOLER: TO FLY.” I knew that! But I forgot.

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Crack On!

How The Nutcracker became, and continues to be, our favorite holiday show.

Pick anyone off the street and ask them if they’ve heard of The Nutcracker (or don’t if you’re, like, really uncomfortable talking to strangers). Chances are, they have heard of The NutcrackerIn fact, The Nutcracker might even be the only ballet they recognize (but here’s a shout out to Natalie Portman (and Sarah Lane, her dance double) for bringing Swan-Lake-sexy back). How is it that everyone possesses some vague knowledge of an old ballet based on an obscure German fairytale?

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It’s the Little Things

of “Then I defy you stars!” (V.i.24)

Say what you like about the Italian teenager, but let’s all agree that Romeo really knocked it out of the park with his grand gesture. You see grand gestures on screen all the time: Ryan Gosling builds the dream home in The Notebook, Liv Tyler chooses mortality in The Return of the King, Kirsten Dunst designs that roadtrip in Elizabethtown, Humphrey Bogart says, “We’ll always have Paris,” in Casablanca, and the Beast gives Belle that magnificent library I still daydream about. A grand gesture is an uncharacteristically spectacular act of love. So, while woefully unnecessary, Romeo’s suicide definitely qualifies as a grand gesture.

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