artist-employmentThank you for your interest in the San Diego Ballet. Please read this ENTIRE page if you wish to make a submission or have a question regarding employment.

We understand that many people come to this page looking for employment, possibly for the first time, as a dancer, but certainly for the first time with us. As such, we hope to de-mystify the process and make it easier for everyone involved.

Hiring decisions for the upcoming season are generally made in late Spring/early Summer. The company does, on occasion, hire dancers mid-season. SDB accepts audition submissions throughout the year.

If you are interested in being considered for employment or a trainee position, please send your resume/cv (with height, weight, age, citizenship, a dance photo, a dvd or link to a video) to or by mail to:

Karen Foster, General Manager

San Diego Ballet
2650 Truxtun Rd. Ste. 102
San Diego, CA 92106


“I will be in the San Diego area, can I arrange a private audition?”

  • No. The San Diego Ballet does not hold private auditions.

“I will be in the San Diego area, can I take a company class as an audition?”

  • Yes, but… During the season, we do allow prospective dancers to take class with the company as an audition. However, this can only be done after the initial resume/video contact has been made. There is a class fee for this.

“Where do I send my audition materials?”

  • It is very important to send ALL online materials to Any audition materials sent to the Artistic or Executive Director will, in all probability, be discarded. You can snail mail your audition materials to the address listed above.

“What should my video include?”

Video Do’s –

  • Video content should be CURRENT (less than two years old).
  • Your features should be easily visible. 
  • You should be in simple dance clothes that show off your physique.
  • You should show a SHORT demonstration of centerwork. Pirouettes. Adagio (highlighting extension and placement). Petite allegro (including beats). A large jump combination from the corner. You may also use ballet variations to show off the stated technique. 
  • Ladies should be wearing pointe shoes for the centerwork.
  • If possible, men should show some simple partnering work.
  • As SDB also does contemporary work, you may chose to include an additional contemporary variation. If this is the case, please make sure that it shows off contemporary (Graham, Horton, etc) techniques.

Video Don’t’s –

  • Do not send in a video that is older than two years. 
  • Do not send in a video that does not represent you at your current level of fitness. An inaccurate video representation will be looked at as a negative and could lead to loss of your employment opportunity.
  • Do not wear body concealing costumes. This includes romantic tutus. Dances in body concealing costumes will be fast forwarded.
  • Do not send in a video where you are so far upstage that we cannot clearly see you.
  • Do not send in a heavily edited video or a video that has one piece of music overlaid over various dance highlights. We want to see how you react to music. We cannot do that if the music has nothing to do with what you are presenting.
  • Do not send in performance video where: your face is not clearly visible, your feet are blurry, your costume hides your body, you are dancing as part of a group. These types of videos will be fast forwarded.
  • Do not send in a video where you make a mistake or do not finish a step well. In this day and age, it costs nothing but a little extra effort on your part to send in a video which shows you off to your best. If you send in a video where you fall out of a pirouette, we will assume that was your best effort and the top of your ability.
  • Do NOT send a video that is longer than 5 minutes. The truth of the matter is that, we will know within the first 30 seconds of a video whether we are interested in a dancer or not.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.